_ Each his own.

Sometimes you have to give things some time to absorb. And while with Mansory’s realisations it’s usually pretty obvious, others can leave us wondering.

Eye-rolling. If you build a new box of lego based on the image on the box, 99% soon find out that after completion, the artwork has very little resemblance to what is on the box. Don’t worry about that, that just means you are terribly clumsy and incapable of building anything. Qualities that, at the same time, are ideal for pursuing a political career. In the Aftermarket, we have also been swamped by construction kits in recent years, only they were pinned on a different label, called ” renders”. And Mansory has also been guilty of putting a render down in front of eyeballs from time to time, with the effect that the later ones often roll in all directions. But one thing you have to give Mansory credit for is that whatever is on their build sheet, they can build it like no other. But whether the German tuner will win many souls with it, that is a whole different question….

Italian word art. In this episode, the German tuner tests the nervous system of not only every enthusiast of pure sports cars, but actually of every Italian. Because now the Munich-based tuner has set its sights on the Maserati MC20. A stunningly beautiful car, and making changes to it is sacrilege for most Italians. To them, tuning a Maserati is equivalent to boiling pasta for 12 minutes or cutting the pasta strings into pieces once they are on the plate. If you want to risk being shown to the door Soprana-wise, you should definitely apply this in a family-run Italian restaurant where members of the family have been behind the kettles for generations. And then don’t be shocked by a cascade of well-meaning vocabulary such as cretino (idiot), pazzo da legare (raving lunatic), imbecille (moron), testa di cavalo (horse head, etc.), etc.

Boiled eggs. Meanwhile, someone should urge the new right-wing Italian government to order a large quantity of defibrillators quite soon, because Mansory has put their render under the heading “Maserati MC20 Soft kit”. So chances are that after this soft-boiled egg, a hard-boiled one will follow. And we fear that this could end up sticking to the Italians’ stomachs, possibly resulting in cardiac dramas. And although Maserati has been around much longer than some other well-known sports car brands, the parent company Stellantis has no ambition to place a limit on production. On the contrary, recently the Maserati MC20 Cielo also saw the light of day, theoretically identical but without a roof. So a possible increase of ‘Mansorian’ creatures can’t be ruled out.

Liposuction room. But back to Mansory’s render. And if there are no Italians around, we would dare to say that this is not just another little black black duckling that rolled off the computer screen. There may well be some approving nodding, because we are not completely unhappy with the front. There, Maserati offers two options, a front bumper lip or a complete sport front bumper lip with mask, as pictured in the renders you see here. Then again, we are less enthusiastic about the colossal side skirts lips that, in our humble opinion, have been sitting in the liposuction chamber for too long. At the rear, we’re back on board with the considerably out-of-place rear diffuser, including aluminium exhaust tips.

Sandwiches. No doubt you also have excellent eyes, excellent lenses or crystal clear glasses, so you will also have noticed that Mansory has chosen, as always, to offer all the parts in carbon fiber. And that includes the “smaller stuff”, such as the front bumper splitter, the headlight covers, the racing flaps, the rear fender air intake, the air splitter for the front bonnet, the air outtake of the front bonnet, the front bonnet itself, the two mirror housings, the rear spoiler wing with brake light and the engine bonnet with our without camera. And surely there is something else besides butter or jam between the sandwiches of Mansory executives, so count on the fact that these “little goodies” will generate the necessary funds.

Food waste. Finally, a word of advice for all those who like nice clothes, whether of Italian origin or not, slicked-back hair, groomed beard and good humour. In case you are thinking, this Mansory MC20 is exactly what I want, we would strongly advise against travelling to the village of Buñol in the Italian province of Valencia. Because that’s where they organise the big ‘La Tomatina’ every year. On average there are then 22,000 people (number of participants has become limited in recent years, as some years 50,000 people ran in the little town that has only 10,000 inhabitants) throwing more than 160,000 kilos of tomatoes at each other. And so to avoid all those 160 tonnes of tomatoes coming your way, we strongly recommend avoiding the region explicitly during that period.