_Automotiv – Mustang short.

Somebody dropped the jar with Mustang goodies, and so there’s more to talk about related to the launch of the 7th generation Mustang. 

Drift mode. Ford Mustangs have never had a feature like the one found on the new 2024 Mustang. This is Ford’s Performance Electronic Parking Brake, and by Performance, Ford means drifting. Ford was apparently looking for a payback model for their sponsorship of the “Hoonicorn” and “Hoonitruck. Its use is apparently quite simple. When you’re ready to start your drift, you simply apply the handbrake. This activates the auxiliary parking brake caliper to begin your drift. You can keep turning and accelerating, and in conjunction with the stability control system, the auxiliary rear brake caliper increases or decreases the pressure needed to hold the drift. If needed, the larger regular rear calipers are used to increase your drift control. Did someone say SEMA 2023 rental car?

Dark Horse. Many Mustang collectors will wait for Shelby’s approach on the new Mustang. Though for those who can’t wait (or going to buy them all), there’s this Ford Mustang Dark Horse. This one is powered by a 5.0 liter Coyote V8 that delivers over 500 hp. It comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission that features a special 3D-printed titanium shift ball. It has a set of big Brembo brakes and 19 inch wheels wearing Pirelli P Zero rubber. Looks like a great investment, though it is at moments like these that you can make a great deal when you shop for  a 6th generation Mustang from Ford’s current stock…

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Easter egg. Before a model comes to life, a lot goes into the process. An important part of it are sketches and drawings. These are usually made by people who used to daydream during class. We were among them, but unfortunately we lack drawing talent. These illustrations are a sublime look at the design process, and at the same time a solid wake-up call that the final design is miles away from the actual result. And just like Disney and Pixar, Ford has also dropped an Easter egg among the many sketches. Because suddenly a Mustang 4-door shows up, and it does look quite a thing!

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Racing. Tracks are already getting ready to receive the new Mustang. Ford is developing no less than six racing variants for different championships worldwide. And when you say Ford and racing, we immediately think of ST suspension. Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. 

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