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Zacoe McLaren 720S. SEMA 2022 has closed its doors by now, and for those who did not attend, there is always next year. This year it was another display of the best the Aftermarket has to offer. But there were a couple of projects that made more mouths drop open than others, and one of them was this McLaren 720S by Zacoe. A wide body for a super sports car is not for everyone, but for some reason the modern desert folk have a soft spot for it. Judge for yourself whether you would still dare to park this in public while going to the movies for two hours.

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Ringbrothers Enyo. Ten thousand hours. If you count eight hours a day, that’s 1250 days or 3.4 years. And Ringbrothers claims this project took more than 10,000 hours. We have no idea how many men worked on this 1948 Chevrolet Super Truck, dubbed Enyo, but these figures sound seriously insane to us. Especially when you see the many American TV shows where a lot of time is spent mostly on explaining. Nevertheless, this is a delightful project and we are particularly keen on the end result. Besides the completely successful exterior display, there is of course a fat 510 cubic-inch LS V8 on board that puts a not insignificant 1,000 hp on the tarmac. It is a project Ringbrothers say they have had in store for years. It strikes us as the most unsuitable pickup on the planet, and we want it. And if you want one too, we highly suggest asking for a quote in advance, especially regarding the hourly wage….

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B is for build Ford Mustang. From render to reality, it’s not the first time and no doubt it won’t be the last either. Let’s start by throwing flowers at Karan Adivi, a CGI Artist from Pune, India. He thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and give an old Ford Mustang a wide body kit with the focus on wide. B is for Build is responsible for making this idea a reality, but nothing is what it seems. The exterior is actually the only Mustang part of the whole build. The chassis comes from the movie Need for Speed. In the film, it was a Bugatti Veyron! In essence, it is an aluminium mid-engine chassis built with high performance as a goal. In the back sits a Chevy LS V8.

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Honda e:N2 concept. We jump on the plane and force the pilot to set course for China, where Honda has presented a new electric vehicle, the e:N2 concept. By 2030, all Honda vehicles should be electric, and apparently China is ideal territory to reinforce that statement. This e:N2 features exaggerated, angular daytime running lights up front, razor-sharp fenders, crisp sides and almost tail-fin-like lighting at the rear. The interior is perhaps the most imaginative element, clearly showing that this is a concept and not a production-ready product. The interior is completely discreet, with the central screen hidden away – the display seems to peek through the dashboard. No further details about the powertrain or battery pack have yet been revealed for either of the e:N concepts. The chances of us getting to see this model in Europe are slim, but if this design is the path Honda wants to follow in the future, then we’re already satisfied. 

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Model-JZD. Anyone who is a bit of a car aficionado will by now have undoubtedly already seen the documentary around legendary person John Z. DeLorean. Perhaps he was a bit “off the map” like our current Elon Musk, except that Elon’s footprint is just a bit deeper in the mud than JZD’s. According to the countdown clock on the website, DNG Motors would officially introduce their “Model-JZD” in early 2023. Great Scott, what will Huey Lewis and the News have to say about that? The Model-JZD  began as an effort of Angel Guerra and Allan Portilho to create a tribute design to honour the timeless and gorgeous DeLorean car with what it might look like if designed and built today. Whether it will really be a trip back to the future remains to be seen. On the site, there is a call to design a logo for the car as well as mention that branded knickknacks will be launched soon. Seems like a strange business model to us…

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