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Maserati Project24 Hypercar. We get a spontaneous smile on our faces just thinking about the Maserati MC20.  Without a doubt of the finest Maserati has shown in recent decades. And now that the fire is hot, they immediately forge another iron. However, this time we are not going to encounter it on the road, but rather online or in magazines. Those who go to a race track every now and then, have a much bigger chance of bumping into this track-only Project24 Hypercar. Until recently, we had to make do with some drawings, but recently Maserati released these digital illustrations, and they leave little to the imagination. Only 62 units will be produced, so they will only be released on racetracks. But that unleashing will be one big party, as the 3.0-litre garden-turbo V6 produces 740 hp. And with a suspected weight of around 1250 kg coupled to a 6-speed sequential gearbox, it will undoubtedly compete for the marbles.

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Ferrari SP51. Don’t get caught, this is not a repeat. Because this is not the 812 GTS in convertible version or a converted Portofino, but simply the Ferrari SP51. And this one just doesn’t have a roof. Considering that this one will end up in a collection, that’s not a thing to worry about. Again, you have to settle for 800bhp and 718Nm of torque, but considering there is no roof structure, performance might just be a little more sharp. Ever seeing this one in the flesh is almost out of the question, as only one of these will be made, and it’s headed for Taiwan. 

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Opel Astra GSe. The age of the Kadett GSI is long gone. Back then, that was Opel’s answer to Volkswagen’s Golf GTI. And it has to be said, it was a battle of titans, it was a period where Opel and VW supporters were right up against each other. You were either for the Opel camp or you were for the VW camp, both was not an option. That hatchet has since been buried, because today we may already be grateful that the brands have sporty hatchbacks. Opel now does so with the Astra GSe. From 2028, only electric cars will roll off the assembly line at Opel, hence the ‘e’, which stands for electric. First up are these Opel Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe plug-in hybrids. Total power is 225 hp and with that comes a maximum torque of 360 Nm. Further figures are lacking for now, though we’re happy with the fact that the bodywork was shaped a bit sportier and that the 18 inches add to that sporty look.

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Nissan Z GT4. Nissan confirms with their new Z that it is indeed possible to combine modern rules with classic design. Meanwhile, a widebody Nissan Z GT500 is already ready to compete for the overall victory in Super GT, but now this Z GT4 from the Nismo Racing Division is also ready to do battle. There are not many details for now, these will be revealed soon at the SEMA show. We do know that the base is a 3.0-litre twin-torbocharged V6, and that Nismo will undoubtedly manage to extract quite a lot of horsepower from it. Most notable about this Nissan Z GT4 are of course the aerodynamlic upgrades. At the front we notice a new splitter and canards on each side of the bumper. Furthermore in the front we see a  race-ready hood, while the back gets a large rear wing, a tow hook and a single pipe exhaust. 

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BMW XM. And finally, this. You got to see the BMW XM before, but now the XM Red Label has also leaked onto the internet. And while we were plugging that leak, we also came across this one on the same online platform: a bizarre rendering of and XM pick-up. Ain’t going to happen, but it sure looks resourceful. 

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