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KW automotive BMW i4 Drive40 Gran Coupe. The BMW i8 and the slightly less eye-catching i3 were BMW’s first cautious attempts at electrically powered vehicles. Both models have since been retired, and replaced by a range of new models. One of these is the BMW i4, which goes through life as a Gran Coupé. In doing so, BMW continues the tradition of being the best address for driving pleasure. And that may be true, but what is good can usually be even better, and then, for the ultimate driving experience, you quickly end up at KW automotive. After the stainless-steel KW DDC coilovers are installed and the plugs are connected, adjustments to the headlight range and rear axle heights need to be made. The electronic BMW system recognizes the DDC dampers immediately and adjusts the setup to the respective driving situation. The KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers for the BMW i4 eDrive40 (G26) are based on the same technology that KW uses in the original equipment for the Rimac Nevera electric hypercars. At the front axle, the continuous lowering can be adjusted between 20 – 40 millimeters and 15 – 35 millimeters at the rear axle. 

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Mugen Honda Fit RS. Tuning and the Aftermarket industry is an international phenomenon. Here we put the spotlight on the Japanese market, where you find this little fellow, the Honda Fit. And when Honda releases a new model, Mugen is right behind for some extra’s. This time Mugen went for the full Fir RS look, or maybe even a Type-R look, depending on how much imagination you have. We spot coloured extensions for the front bumper, side skirts and a rear bumper upgrade with inlets and a diffuser. Mugen badges everywhere, in case you would forget who gave you that “extreme” look. Other add-ons are carbon-look mirror caps, a piece of carbon fiber between the headlights and a prominent rear wing.

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Abt Audi RS3-R Limited Edition. Abt is only going to build 200 of them, and the question is whether each one will find a new owner. The RS3 is lowered with sports springs, but a coilover kit is also an option. With the sports springs, you sink 25 mm at the front and 30 mm at the rear; with the screw kit, you can go ahead and adjust it all a bit yourself. Depends on how hard you want to fill the wheel arches, as the 20-inchers can only handle so much. Carbon fibre also comes into play, and here in the by now classic forms of mirror caps, splitters, canards and, of course, rear spoiler. Power output of 400 hp and accompanying torque of 500 Nm, Abt doesn’t add one extra horsepower. However, the top speed has been boosted to 290 km/h. So the question remains, are these ‘mild’ interventions enough for this limited edition campaign?

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Novitec Ferrari SF90 Spider. It looks like it’s going to be second place for Ferrari in F1, but when you ask people to name a sports car brand, Ferrari turns out to be number one. And let’s face it, they built some of the most beautiful cars in the world. And just when you think, it doesn’t get much better than this, there’s Novitec to kill that cliché. The lads at Maranello have already given the SF90 a handsome 1,000 hp, but since petrol stations have to survive too, Novitec has added another 109 hp. As a result, the Novitec-tuned hybrid sports car accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in a mere 2.4 seconds and reaches 200 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. The top speed increases to more than 340 km/h. A sports car famously can never have an excess of power and thus Novitec also developed a performance upgrade for the Ferrari SF90 Spider with plug-in hybrid drive. The work focused on the V8 with two turbochargers. New maps for injection, ignition and the electronic boost pressure control were developed in complex testing. They are introduced into the engine management system of the two-seater by a Novitec N-Tronic module for each cylinder bank. The developers identified further potential in the exhaust system. The production catalysts can be replaced with custom-developed 100-cell metal components, which optimize emission control. They ensure enhanced performance, as does the meticulously tuned high-performance exhaust system. Carbon fiber from the hand-finish production shop adds further spectacular highlights to the SF90 Spider. The front hood can be upgraded visually with two surrounds for the lower air outlet and a cover for the windshield. The race fenders and their air outlets in the top give the sports car undiluted racing looks and vent the air heated by the front brakes faster from the wheel wells. Novitec also modifies the side view extensively. This includes carbon rocker panels, covers for the side mirrors and trim on the windows. The air deflection elements aft of the doors optimize the supply of fresh air to the engine. The love of detail is rounded off by tailor-made naked-carbon elements for the engine bay and its hood, and by the trim for the luggage compartment in the nose of the vehicle.

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