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Burnt Hair. How many idiots do you think there are? There are many, even very many no doubt. But putting a precise number on them is virtually impossible. Fortunately, the richest man on earth comes to our rescue with new information that tells us with certainty that there are at least 20,000. Because the Boring Company recently launched a perfume that has already sold 20,000 bottles. And that info comes from Musk’s own Twitter account. So, after red silk shorts, tequila and flamethrowers, it is now Burnt Hair (name of the stench in the bottle)’s turn to cash in. And we, we cozy up to the hype, as we are writing about it….

Mansory Mercedes S-Class. That Mansory often deviates from what the rest of the world considers tasteful is well known. And until a few years back, we had the Geneva Motor Show to reflect on that and then quickly run to the toilet, but since the show has been cancelled until further notice, we have to rely on digital pictures. And those always look just a little less horrible. We’re even going to point out more, the modifications for this Mercedes S-Class are quite good-looking. We see mostly carbon parts, a modified exhaust system and a set of fresh wheels in 22 inch. The contrast with the pale colour of the bodywork is there, of course, but on a black S-Class, this looks like a really successful kit to us. So bench forward for Mansory and kiss from the teacher. 

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BMW M Performance Parts. What the Aftermarket industry can do better we do well thinks BMW, and so they are trying to tempt us car enthusiasts with official M Performance Parts. What they forget to add, of course, is that these come with a price tag. Now, given that BMW will only build the M2 for an x number of years and that the versions with M Performance Parts will be even more exclusive, we do see the added value in the long run. A Homage (based on the BMW M4) is said to be coming soon by BMW, and the two spoilers you see here would be based on it. Further additions include splitter, side skirts and some kind of air guides behind both the front and rear wheels. But the most notable contribution to this M Performance Parts offering is undoubtedly the tilted exhausts. And before you start screaming that you don’t like this, soon we’ll all be driving cars without exhausts. Think about that!

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Lamborghini Aventador. The end of an era, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Lamborghini models ever made. At least that’s what we think of it. We are of course talking about the Aventador, which is really going to leave us now. Production had actually already stopped, but a boat (the Felicity Ace) carrying Lambo cars for the US market mimicked the Titanic stunt, and so they ended on the bottom of the ocean. On board some 4,000 cars including 15 models of the Aventador Ultimae. And so to avoid 15 owners not being able to put videos on their personal YouTube channels, Lamborghini decided to make 15 new ones. And the very last of them comes in light blue. No doubt Lamborghini has come up with its own name for this colour, but with light blue you are also already adequately informed we assume. Question is, will this be the last Lamborghini with V12 without a hybrid? Unfortunately, only time will tell. So for now, enjoy the beautiful images, which are given extra flair by the presence of a one-off Miura Roadster.

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