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Audi RS3 Performance. The Paris Motor Show has started, and some brands believe this is an ideal time to highlight their absence by launching a new model. Audi is a prime example of this. They present us the RS3 performance, a hot hatch that draws a little more power from the 2.5-litre TFSI 5-cylinder. And they really pull out all the stops, as a whopping 7 more horses enter the stable. Before, it was 400, now 407. That’s a difference of 7hp. More than 7hp extra, in other words. Not three, not five but seven. You can’t count it together without using both hands. Now if you’re thinking, I just have to have this, then you’re going to have to be quick, because only 300 will be built. And that’s also the number that hooks up to the top speed. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h happens in 3.8 seconds, and this thanks to that full extra 7 hp. No doubt all 300 examples will find a home in the not-so-near future. But let’s be honest, would there be many tuning companies that would make customers happy with an extra 7 hp?

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Rolls-Royce Spectre. Yesterday we were completely enthusiastic about the Cadillac Celestiq, today we are frankly a little less with this Rolls Royce Spectre. No doubt it will again meet all the requirements that royal behinds require, although Queen Elizabeth won’t have much use for it anymore. And we don’t see Charles and his co-star taking an immediate seat in a Rolls-Royce that is less younger than themselves, either. It is common knowledge that if you need to know the price of a Rolls-Royce, you probably can’t afford it. So the accounting department has no figures, fortunately the marketing department does. And we start with the most extreme number, being the weight of 2975 kg. No word on the p’s today, so we can’t tell how fast the thing goes (performance), nor do we have any idea how much this nugget should cost (price). But it’s not all ignorance, as Rolls-Royce confirms that the Spectre has 577 hp at its disposal and torque of 900 Nm. The battery pack of this Luxury EV weighs 700 kg on its own, so having that power and torque does not seem like a luxury to us. But considering everything else is, there will probably only be complaints from those who cannot afford it. The first Spectre’s will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, so exactly the same timing of the Cadillac Celestiq. It willgete crowded on Rodeo Drive…

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Hopium Machina. While the world is literally on fire, empty heads in overpriced suits sit together to keep yours and my energy bills under control. In doing so, we don’t need to tell you that they are doing very little and that manufacturers of thick jerseys have now switched to a three-shift production system. Sheeps are getting extra fed worldwide, as their wool is worth its weight in gold these days. We are not big fans of small livestock, which is why we think the next car is a very good idea: the Hopium Machina. You read it right, it’s opium with an H in front of it. Hopium is the first French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen-powered vehicles, established in 2019 by racing driver Olivier Lombard. Hopium’s mission is to reshape mobility while restoring the dialogue between mankind, nature and technology, in a search for a perfect balance. Fine words, but thankfully it doesn’t stop there. Because not only does this thing look truly stunning, it also brings 500 hp to the VIP area. The Hopium Machina has a range of 1000 km and that on a single tank of hydrogen, which is also filled in just 3 minutes. A full tank would cost 72 euros, a lot cheaper than fuel, gas or electricity. The Hopium Machina will arrive in 2026, is provisionally priced at 120,000 euros and has already 1,000 pre-orders.

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