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Short news overview. The king is still alive and his Camilla gets a crown with 2800 diamonds. And the WHO is asking farmers to grow more onions because we desperately need more gas. So much for the general news, over to what really matters, the automotive news items.

Pagani Utopia. And we start with this brand new Utopia, the successor of the Pagani Huayra. On board a Mercedes-AMG biturbo V12 delivering 864 hp and 811 Nm of torque! Only 99 Utopia’s will be built, and each one doesn’t leave the showroom before Pagina gets 2,2 million euro ons their bank account. That’s enough to buy five Ferrari Purosangue’s and have some money left for gas and speeding tickets.

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Renault EV Concept. The French brand plays a home match this October for the 2022 Paris Motor Show, and they are teasing us with something that could bite the electric MINI in the ass. Renault will premiere a sporty R5-inspired concept that will run on electricity. Our fridge is also running on electricity, and as long as it keep our beer cold, we ‘re happy with it.

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Chrysler 300C. Time to clean that corner, because we will need it later when we need a place to hide and cry. Because after 20 years Chrysler is pulling the plug out of the 300C. We’ve always loved the design of the 300C, and how Chrysler pulled the finger to the automotive industry their drag coefficient. The 2023 Chrysler 300C gets sacked with a 485 hp HEMI V8. 

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