_Because ambition starts with a dream.

Comic books and toys are fun for the first phase of life, but after that, they quickly become a reflection to the childhood. However, not everyone can part with them easily, and so today it has become natural for an adult to collect toys or comic books. However, there are also those who collect cars, and usually these are people who have worked just a little harder than you or I, or it may be a generational thing. 

These days, you can also become a car collector, by working a little less hard but by being creative. Because since the dawn of social media, a lot of folks have scraped their pennies together with YouTube videos. And if we all waste our precious time by watching these videos, it brings in revenue for the makers. And that revenue, can then go on to be used for a new addition to the garage, followed by a new video, followed by our watching, and the circle becomes quickly vicious.

But no matter how many bitcoins you have lying around in the glove box, some things simply cannot be bought. And not every car can be parked in one’s dream garage either, especially if they originate from the virtual world. So today we dwell on some renders, some already more successful than others. Some will remain only in that virtual world, others may very well have a chance of being captured in the Aftermarket web. And that way, a virtual project might end up in a real dream garage after all. 

Render 1: Milano GTO Vision Concept

A look inside the head of Alex Baldini who, as far as we can see, has a very good idea of what the next Italian sports car should look like. His render is based on a design from a video game, but that doesn’t make the end result any less stunning. 

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Render 2: Porsche 944 RS Design

Kyzyl Saleem needs little introduction. This British render artist is living proof that renders can come to life. In fact, many of his renders have already been created in the Aftermarket world. KS was extremely curious to see how the Porsche GT3 RS look would look on a 944. And think we can all unanimously agree that the result is worth seeing. And, as far as we are concerned, realised. 

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Render 3: Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake 

Shooting brakes are sugardesign’s thing. This render artist understands better than anyone that shooting brakes are hot, and that there are far too few of them on the road. Porsche has recently realised the value of this and has two options in house with the Panamera and Taycan. Jaguar is about to hang the F-Type on the hook, which means that all our future hope is pinned on a coach builder.

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Render 4: 2023 Nissan Z

Some render artists also start developing designs at the request of clients, which effectively go into production afterwards. This is often the case with Jonsibal, and one of his loyal clients is Streethunter Designs. This wide body kit design for the latest Nissan Fairlady will most likely be displayed in the flesh at the 2022 SEMA show. 

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