_Driftenberg 2019 – Part 5: The crew and supporting actors.

We would love to fill you in on all the gossip that was shared during the 4 days of filming, but that would lead us to far from this flashback series. Though there’s no reason to panic, because the day that we write our memoirs, we’ll tell you the dirtiest little secrets…

And… action! Since we still young of heart, young of soul and young of age on Tinder, it will probably take a few decennia before we publish our autobiography. And in the meantime we can at least give you a bit of background on the film crew and supporting actors from this production. Although actors is maybe a bit of a strong phrase for people walking in front of the camera.

Setting priorities. Let’s start with the Brady Bunch from the currently not so United Kingdom of Great Britain. For starters there’s Andreas Bakkerus and Liam Doran as the hilarious Driftenberg police force. Shane Lynch has interrupted his singing career with Boyzone a longtime ago, so that he could prepare for his role as a tourist in this challenging production. 

On the payroll. Just like a genuine movie, this movie has also been directed. And not by one, but by James Gilbert and Rikki Doughty. So by two directors to be more precise. Rikki was also responsible for the editing and camera work. The other camera operator was Mike Neale. Lee Cooke handed the photography on the set, together with yours truly. 

One hit wonders. A star role was filled in by the world famous Roland Miola. Well, at least he’s world famous in Fichtenberg, since he’s the local mayor. Small roles were created for Alexanders Beckers, who plays the attendant in the petrol station and Jan Kurtz, who got in the skin of the ice cream dude. Wolfgang Fritz was farmer Fritz in the huge John Deere tractor.

A list of names. We are also very proud of our executive producer Christina Gabriel. This was her first major production, and she did a fantastic job. Other people involved were Markus Wahle, Peter Hirschfeld, Sophia Bahlinger, Jana Schelzel, Corbin Darke, Christian Schmidt, Anja Theil, Lisa Wohlfarth, Arthur Rempe, Manuel Pace, Julian Knoll, Clarissa Kübler, Dirk Klötzing, etc. 

Special thanks 2. We are sure that the list is much longer, and we like to refer to the credits on the video for all the names involved in this ST suspensions production. And of course we have to mention Klaus Wohlfarth, ceo of KW automotive and ST suspensions, who made this whole adventure possible.  

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