_Essen Motorshow ’22 – ap, St & Reiger

It’s December, and while we typ these words, there’s still a party going on in the German city Essen. That’s right, the Essen Motorshow is almost halfway, and there’s still a chance for you to visit and make plans for the 2023 season. Or in case you have been a very good boy or girl, maybe Santa will bring that new suspension already this year…

One thing is for sure, at the KW automotive Group there’s plenty of choice. Let’s take a look at what else is going at the KW automotive Group village. And we start with ap Sportfahrwerke. The brands colours don’t need further introduction, since they represent the brand for many years.

ap Sportfahrwerke is the better choice when you’re on a budget.

And by now you should know that ap Sportfahrwerke stands for high-quality products for those with a lower budget. ap Sportfahrwerke is your warranty that a small budget can be combined with important issues like safety, quality and of course enthusiasm.

For many, ap Sportfahrwerke is a stepping stone into the Aftermarket scene.

Let’s take a look at the cars that ap Sportfahrwerke brought to the EMS. And while the blue brand has a huge fan base driving BMW, it is probably the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 that will get the most attention this year. Since it remains a classic, and one of the Godfathers of the Aftermarket industry in Germany and far beyond.

Some ap Sportfahrwerke magic for this classic VW Golf GTI.

But like we said, ap Sportfahrwerke and BMW have a strong connection, and that point is proven by the appearance of this purple BMW -series. And this also shows that second-hand cars can have a great future with some mild adjustments.

A set of BBS wheels and suspension from ap Sportfahrwerke is enough to make this 3-series stand out.

The KW automotive Group wouldn’t be complete with the presence of St Suspensions. The brand has also gained quite a facelift in recent years, highlighted by the wide range of colours.

Currently you can choose between 18 different colours to personalise your suspension.

Simply select your favorite spring color out of the many options and even add a personalized message on the springs. That way they’re not only becoming very personal, it’s also the perfect gift to a real car fanatic.

Lowering has never been so individual.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say, and boy oh boy do we have a pudding for your. Because what do you think of a Nissan Navara that plays tricks with the gravity rules while packing 1000 hp! Powered by a VR38DETT engine, taken directly from a Nissan GT-R R35  and extensively modified.

It comes with a fully customised St suspension with HLS 4 hydraulic lift-system and a set of BBS wheels.

Whether your car uses wheel bolts or wheel studs, St suspensions offers the right wheel spacer fitment. With the ST AZX­Wheel­Spacers, every wheel and tire combination can have a proper look.

The AZX Wheel Spacer system can easily be updated so you can use them on a different vehicle with few simple changes.

And that brings us to the next brand within the KW automotive Group: Reiger Suspension. The brand is known for their development of shock absorbers for extreme conditions in car and motorsport. And we stay very humble when we claim that it might be the very best for those who are seeking some adventure…

And if this would be a fight, it would be in the highest league, a league where you wouldn’t expect a brand like MINI to show up. But this X-raid Team MINI isn’t the kind of MINI that is parked in front of the better boutiques.

On board of this John Cooper Works Buggy you’ll find a Reiger Type 550 (front) and Type 750 (rear).

With its 29993 ccm Turbo-motor this X-Raid MINI is producing 270 kW and a maximum torque of 800 Nm that is already available at 2150 rpm. Dry on a hook, this little monster weighs only 1585 kg, which makes it the fear of every dessert animal.

Reiger Suspension is also a brand that takes its work to home. Because the achievements made in the rally world, you and I also harvest the benefits from. And the brand bright two examples to Essen to prove that point. One of them was this Mercedes X-Class 350d with Reiger Street & Trail suspension. The second a Jeep Gladiator, also equipped with a Reiger Street & Trail set of shocks that brings the Jeep 4,5 inches further from planet Earth.