_Essen Motorshow ’22 – KW & BBS.

December is a month that has its benefits. And one of them is the Essen Motorshow, the place to be in Europe if you want a taste of the Aftermarket world. And a constant for many decades is the KW automotive Group. 

The one side of the booth is dedicated to the products of KW automotive.

However, we can no longer refer quietly to KW’s booth, as it is commonly referred to. Much better, and more correct would be the village of KW automotive Group. Because the area the Group occupies is impressive, and its arsenal of products at least equally so. 

No matter which side you approach the stand from, it looks impressive.

In terms of suspensions, there are 4 brands present. Of course KW itself, but also St suspensions, ap Sportfahrwerke and Reiger Suspension. So no matter which means of transport you are using, you will always find the right suspension at KW automotive Group.

The famous KW HLS system is also on display.

Every booth likes to pack in a draw, but at KW automotive this year all the registers were pulled out, with the highlight being the presence of the DTM 2022 winner, the BMW M4 GT3 equipped with the KW V6 Racing suspension.

Proving a point with your products. It doesn’t get much better than doing it this way.

And Manthey is also a familiar face at KW automotive. Their successes achieved on the circuit also become reality for us mere mortals, partly with the help of KW automotive suspensions.

The Porsche 911 GT3 (992) with Manthey Performance-Kit and 4-way adjustable shocks is a real eye-catcher.

We already had extreme with the BMW GT3, we already had exclusive with the Manthey 911 GT3 (992), and then there is such a thing as quite exclusive with this Ferrari SF-90 Stradale. Its 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo combined with 3 electric motors is good for a whopping 770 Nm of torque and an output of 1,000 hp! This allows it to rocket from 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and it doesn’t stop until the counter reaches 340 km/h.

On board a KW V5 suspension and a set of BBS CI-R Unlimited wheels.

And this Ferrari takes us seamlessly to the other side of the booth, where BBS is in charge. And anyone who visited the stand last year will undoubtedly notice the difference, because while the BBS takeover can still best be described as fledgling, it is unbelievable how fast it is all evolving. So there is BBS Unlimited from now on, and there is also news to be gleaned in terms of design.

Preview day at the Essen Motorshow. Highly recommended for those who want to avoid the big crowds.

Another highlight was the unveiling of a project created in collaboration with JP Performance: the BBS Unlimited Buzz.


Removed here for the naked eye for a while yet, but that was only a matter of time….
For soon the curtain went down, a task perfectly performed by Klaus Wohlfarth and Jean Pierre Kraemer.
Besides the eye-catching sticker work, which is referring to past times, this VW ID. Buzz was also fitted with a set of BBS CI-R Unlimited wheels and a KW V3 suspension.

And so that brings us to BBS wheels. It is a brand that has more than earned its spurs, whether in the racing world or in the Aftermarket. And besides the classics, there is now a long-overdue new kid in town….

This BBS Aero Design study is a first look at the future of BBS.

But familiar models will also soon get a second life under the BBS Unlimited banner. And the concept is as simple as it is genius, because thanks to BBS Unlimited, no matter which car you drive, you can just take your exclusive BBS Unlimited with you to your next car.

And there is even more news from the BBS front, as the BBS RT Unlimited (RT-U) will hit the market in 2023. More detail on this soon via the official BBS website.

Tomorrow we will report from the other KW automotive Group stands, which will include a Golf 1 and a MINI that you won’t see parked along the street anytime soon.