_Homage to a legend.

When we hear the term restomod, we immediately think of our dear grandmother. Whenever there is a reason for a family get-together, she puts more paint on her face than an average painter needs to complete an entire interior.

Not a penny. But although our love for her is unconditional, we look forward to the day when she exchanges the temporary for the eternal, so that we can harvest the fruits of her lifelong contribution. You may be shocked now, but you should know that our grandmother blew the whistle many years ago, and she didn’t leave a penny for us. The good woman had lived well, and that is how it should be. Now that we have won back some of your trust with that last statement, how about switching to another restomod?

Pretty stupid. Bringing old junk into the house often pays off – unless it’s the mother-in-law, of course. Contrary to what the result suggests, this is not a Ferrari 288 GTO. This is the Maggiore GranTurismO, a hommage to the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO. Two years ago Maggiore released a Ferrari 308 restomod, and today that story gets a sequel. And that’s kinda stupid, because these this prequels are the new sequels…

One shade of grey. Normally you expect from a restomod that the bodywork is identical to the original. However, nothing is ever what it seems, which is something we have learned especially after our many Tinder appointments. Our low point was that 72-year-old blonde who was actually just grey. And the wig wasn’t the giveaway… Although the GranTurismO is an homage to the 288 GTO, hence the strange capitalization in the name, it is secretly just a 308. Cutting up a 288 GTO for an homage would be a bit … Yeah, that!

Legendary father. This Maggiore GranTurismO is in fact an homage to Nicola Materazzi, an engineer who was involved with turbocharging the V8 and producing the 208 and 238 Turbo at Ferrari. And of course the 288 GTO. So it was important that this restomod received the same engine as that incredible chapter in Ferrari’s history. This project became an homage to Nicola Materazzi, who was actually project manager of this Maggiore GranTurismO, when he died just a few days before this project could be finalised. Although most of you could and should remember him as the father of the 288 GTO and the F40. Our grandmother is in good company.

Classic. The car has the looks, and the car has movement properties when you put pressure on the accelerator pedal. Some media claim that this yellow looker has around 600 hp in the middle, and that is obviously a guarantee for a lot of fun, especially since it is hooked to a six-speed manual transmission. Looks, power and sound are only a success when you have a suspension that takes it job seriously. We have no clue which coilovers are being used here, but we do know that the KW Classic range offers many solutions for classics, and even more when they have some power on board.