_i40M50 Streetwear Edition.

David Hasselhoff will be more familiar to many for his supporting role in Baywatch where he played the main character. Because let’s face it, the real leading role was for Pamela Anderson. However, we never watched the series, we only know her from her se… other performances.

No slogans. But back to David now, who appeared on screen in 1982 as Michael Knight and was in the presence of a customized 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am called KITT, an advanced, artificially intelligent, self-aware, and nearly indestructible car. It was the kind of shows that made kids wanted to drive cars, wanted to own cars, and wanted to modify them. Guess you could say it was Fast & Furious ahead of its time and without tacky family slogans.

Streetwear. Today we have a whole different KITT on the floor, one with a different letter at the end: Kith. This is apparently a well-known streetwear label owned by a certain Ronnie Fieg, the founder of Kith. And Ronnie appears to have a thing for BMWs, as he has collected several of them in his collection. In the collection we see red and black, so he must be a huge fan of the Queen from Alice in Wonderland. We see BMW M3s (E30), we see BMW 6-series (E24), we see BMW M4s (G82) and we see an 8-series (E31).

Vitality Green. Two years back, there was already a special Kith version of the BMW M4 (G82), and apparently with success, because there’s this sequel. This time there are two BMWs stepping in, one from the distant past and a more recent model. Of course, the fact that BMW currently has 50 years of M to celebrate is also a factor. But there is also some business involved, and so there will be a collection consisting of 51 pieces of clothing and accessories inspired by the Kith Vitality Green paint and the caramel leather of the cars created for this collaboration.

Lawyer task. So today we have a BMW 1602 (E10) and a BMW i40 M50 (G26), both painted in Kith Vitality Green combined with a Carmel Merino leather from BMW. The i40 M50 is the very first electric-powered M car, and it is quite encouraging to see that the Aftermarket sector also has answers ready for this new era. Agreed, is this case the contribution remains rather limited, but on the other hand, your contribution does not remain limited, as this beauty of course comes with a price tag. And since we have no further information on this, we have no choice but to put on our lawyer’s mask and say the following: we rest our case, Your Honor.  

Tabloid press. However, the 1602 is a different story. This model was chosen as a retrospective look at the past. The 1602 was the very first BMW built with an electric powertrain when the brand sent two electric versions of it to serve as camera cars at the 1972 Munich Olympics. And so this 1602 is also electrically powered. Unfortunately, BMW is not showing its cards and no further details are known about the power source. Perhaps it was borrowed from Tesla… But we’ll leave that to the tabloid press, because we don’t do speculation…. We can also add that Ronnie Fieg is not the only one to get his hands on an i4 M50, another 7 people also get a chance to own one. Then again, the 1602 remains an “einzelstück”. 

For all. The BMW GT4? For the suspension, BMW knocks on the door of KW automotive, and with good reason. Because there are few BMWs that can”t be fitted with KW suspension, and that applies to both the oldies as well as the most recent models. And so owners of a BMW 1602 can choose a KW Classic suspension, while owners of a BMW i4 can turn to KW automotive for a KW DDC – Plug & Play coilover suspension. Check whether your BMW qualifies for a suspension from the KW automotive Group via this link: https://www.kwautomotivegroup.com/home