_It’s a C63 four banger!

So you see a woman walking in front of you, and as learned in the school of life, you of course check out her behind. It’s gets a little bit more complicated if there’s more then one woman walking in front of you. So time to man up and deal with it. At moments like this your imagination is granted complete freedom. 

Those expectations. But then it happens, a display window with shoes and naturally the ladies go to have a peek. At this moment you loose all contact with your subjects and even your imagination gets a punch. And then the unexpected happens, the ladies turn around and walk in your direction. The feeling you are experiencing now is very well known among men, and considered extremely uncomfortable. Because contrary to what the rear side suggested, the front fills in very little of the expectations. 

Completely sold. This is the most common trend, but in some cases it can be the opposite, where the front wins over the back. It is unfortunate that the overall fleet of cars is equally affected by this phenomenon. And it’s rare for someone to become completely sold on both the front and back of a car. Some brands fix that problem by giving a car high performance, so that the chance is small that you’ll ever see the front. 

Ear damage. Question is, is that also the case with this brand new Mercedes-AMG C63 S, a 671 hp Plug-In-Hybrid that switched its V8 for a 4-cylinder. Say what? That’s right, no more roaring V8 noise but instead an electronic noise which could undoubtedly damage the ears of purists. The AMG M139L 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder features an electrically-driven turbocharger with a reasonable big blower that produces 470 hp. And therefore it is the most powerful production 4-cylinder engine in the world. 

Pretty fast. At the rear wheels, an electric motor of 150 kW (201 hp) is packed into the rear axle together with an electronically-controlled limited slip differential and a two-speed drive unit. So that means not only a total of 671 hp, but also a torque of 1020 Nm, making it a lot more powerful than the “old” V8 equipped C63 S. Going from nothing to maximum freeway speed in Holland during daytime (100 km/h) takes 3,4 seconds and topspeed is limited to 250 km/h, but can be raised to 280 km/h. Depends on how badly you want to lose your driving licence.

No steam. If you live in Europe and you are in luck, because the EU gets a chance to choose between a sedan or a wagon. And that brings us back to our intro, does this new C63 look any good. Well, guess the front is ok, and the rear of the wagon looks even pretty good. But that’s mostly the case with Mercedes’ wagons. The rear of the sedan is an entire different ball game. Let’s put it this way, should it be a woman, our imagination really wouldn’t run out of steam.