_Same but different.

These days, the media manages to invent news and stretch it wider than Kim Kardashian’s underwear. Very briefly, take soccer as an example. A sport that has a lot of followers, and provides for a minimum of 90 minutes distraction per week.

In-depth. But how does the media handle this? They make an analysis of prior games. They make an analysis of players in top form. They make an analysis of players who are not in top physical condition. They make an analysis of players who are injured. They make an analysis of players who should start on the bench for the game. They make an analysis of how many games players have already spent on the bench. They make an analysis of the type of injury, how long it has been lingering, what surgery they have undergone, how long recovery will take, rehab, etc…. 

New tattoo. The way the players travel by bus to “work” is also food for comment. Who is on the bus, who goes in his own car, who is dropped off by his girlfriend. Whose girlfriend is a model, whose girlfriend is pregnant and whose girlfriend brings the children. What hairstyle the players have or what (new) tattoos. The state of the grass field, the weather forecast, what is being said in the locker room, etc.

Tik Tok. But occasionally it is also match-related. Such as the team’s lineup, clothing colors, a preview of the match, review of the outcome of the previous match, physical and/or mental state of the opposition, etc. At the same time, it doesn’t all have to be that serious either, and Tik Tok videos of the players can provide some distraction. Of course, rarely match related and always resulting in laughter and roars.

Wife with talents. And just when you think the life of journalists and media is not so bad after all, they have to do all of this twice, for both teams! And yet we have a feeling that not everything has been covered. They almost never or rarely talk about things the fans really want to know. For example, why does player x have his stockings pulled up so high? Why didn’t the goalie buy his gloves a size bigger? Or why doesn’t player y’s wife use her two tits talents at the front of the stand to prevent the opposing team to score? All pertinent questions that are waiting for an answer, while we strongly believe that those answers may eradicate hooliganism… 

Catwalk. This brief intro brings us seamlessly to the new Ford Mustang. And we do believe you will immediately understand why, since people have been palavering about the arrival of the new Mustang for months. That creates expectations among folks, and those expectations increase and become of such magnitude that the end result can only be disappointing. And that is immediately the first feeling that prevails with this new Ford Mustang. It is the same model on the catwalk, almost the same garment, only hairstyle and makeup have been significantly updated. 

Vee eight. As always, we’re not going to bore you with a laundry list of details, but there are some aspects we do appreciate about this seventh-generation Mustang. Like the fact that there is currently no electric drive, but just a plain ‘old’ fat American V8. Ford is keeping the numbers to itself for now, though they do let us know that the first model 2024 Mustangs will be delivered in the spring of 2023. Will the Mustang also come to Europe? We believe so, but perhaps with other power sources that either require less fuel or will come with a wire…