_Ten SEMA 2022 projects.

Forget about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. “What happens in Vegas is coming to you before it happens” should be the new slogan.

Optima Rivian R1T. Yes, SEMA is the place where you see trucks in all shapes and heights. And one particular truck will be all over the place, and that’s without a doubt Ford’s Bronco. Still, there are other trucks that will get a lot of smartphones folded horizontally, and one of them is undoubtedly the Rivian R1T on Optima’s stand. And with that, a new era has begun, as electric trucks will be a thing at SEMA from now on.

Gooichi Motorsports Mazda RX-7. For JDM fans, there will obviously also be something to see. The GR86 will undoubtedly win the battle of the numbers, but many views will nevertheless also be focused on this Mazda RX-7 from Gooichi Motorsports. And true JDM’ers might have a small heart attack, because in addition to the wide body kit, this Mazda RX-7 also got a Mercedes V12 power plant up front. 

S-Klub LA Mercedes 300 SL. In the past, we have been lucky enough to capture a creation of S-Klub LA’s John Sarkisyan, and back then we were stunned. This year, John will be at it again with a 1955 Mercedes 300 SL wide body. This must be the first Gullwing wide body ever made, and in addition to the tubular chassis, it also comes with an LS engine. And rest assured that the interior will also be finished to the finest detail. 

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Urus. If you are looking for stylish, elegant and discreet, Liberty Walk is the place to avoid. Because this Japanese tuner knows better than anyone how to turn a narrow car into a fat one. Their McDonald’s recipe usually consists of a widebody kit with extra attention to the width of the fenders. This time, things are a little more modest, though… Their take on the Lamborghini Urus is premiering at SEMA, and you might be able to find it in the DUB lane outside the Convention Center.

Kenny Pfizer Design VW T1. Sometimes there are those renders you can’t get out of your head. Often they defy all imagination, but often they do not reflect reality either. And that is exactly what we think when we see rob3artdesign’s renders. They always look great, but not very realistic. But it’s hard to believe, and we hardly believe it ourselves, but even we can be wrong. Because what Kenny Pfizer Design has achieved here is nothing short of an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all those active in the Aftermarket. This Volkswagen T1 wide body should also appear at SEMA and will undoubtedly steal the show.

Competition Carbon Tesla Model S Plaid. The Tesla Model S Plaid is still the fastest-accelerating sedan on the market. And you could also describe it as a sleeper, because externally you don’t easily see that it’s a rocket in car clothes. Competition Carbon doesn’t like that, and so they are bringing their vision of a wide body to SEMA. Whether this will be a one-off project or actually go into production, we guess will depend on the interest of S Plaid owners. 

Evasive Motors Acura Integra. Dai Yashira is no stranger to the Aftermarket and drift world. His successes in Formula Drift and Class wins at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb are his best credentials, and so it only makes sense that his vision was included in this project. Most striking are of course the white painted 18-inch BBS wheels and the recognisable graphics of Turn14. Graphics we still recognise from the wide body Toyota Corolla AE86 R with KW Classic coilover suspension kit.

Tony Star Performance Acura Integra. Apparently more drifters are getting behind the new Acura Integra, because Hawaiian drifter Sara Choi is also getting an Integra under her behind. And at Tony Star Performance, they didn’t hesitate for long, and the idea of a wide body kit was quickly approved. And it looks remarkably Fast&Furious original. Sort of back to the roots, to an era where Aftermarket and tuning still exceeded imagination.

Industry Garage F132/FE32 concept. The next project is still a question mark as to whether SEMA 2022 is achievable. But if it is, we think eyeballs will roll and retinas will rupture. Because this F132/FE32 concept from Industry Garage is nothing less than a lovechild of a hotrod and a Formula car. The term bastard child would perhaps be even more appropriate for this brutal device. Should ZZ Top ever make a comeback, for us this looks ideal material for a music video. 

Adro BMW G82 M4. And we end this SEMA preview with a car that has pros and cons, the BMW M3/M4 G82. We’ve left the “what the f*ck” phase behind us for a while now, but for those who have so far failed to do so, there is this solution from Adro. And we must confess, this does look really cool, very sharp and incredibly sporty. We would put a fat BBS wheel under it and a Variant 4 KW coilover kit, and then we see no further reason why we would not embark on a journey to the horizon.