_The perfect mistress.

Sure, let’s talk about the weather for a second. Second gone. Next subject, Italian design with a touch of German flair. When we think of arrogance and expensive coffee at tourist traps, in our mind we’re in Italy. 

The best of. When we think of Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen, we’re still in Italy, somewhere close to a catwalk. When we think of Michael Schumacher, we’re still in Italy, in Monza to be more precise. When we think luxury cars like Audi, BMW or Mercedes, we’re still in Italy, enjoying a nice vacation in Rome or Firenze. When we think Novitec, we’re no longer in Italy…

Italy first. The loyalty of Novitec towards Italian car brands is unprecedented. For a very long time the brand stayed loyal to just Italian cars like Fiat, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. But since customer is king, it’s no different from normal that Novitec provides an answer to the inquiry. At the same time the bar stays high, and currently only brands like McLaren, Rolls Royce and Tesla have received a taste of the Aftermarket perfection of the German brand.

Not a chance. Gatherings at Novitec always guarantee a generous amount of bling bling in the parking lot. And recently one of those parking spaces was filled with this beauty, the Maserati MC20. We have always had a soft spot for Aston Martin, and for some reason we always placed it in direct opposition to Maserati. And guess what, Maserati never stood a chance, because not only did we think Aston Martin’s simply looked better, they were also 007’s choice. 

Cheating. But last time we checked, spoiler alert, 007 was killed in the last Bond movie. So while the studio is looking for a new Bond (question is in this woke era: will he be Black, Asian, a she or a he who used to be a she), it gives us a chance to brake tradition and give in to the stunning looks of the Maserati MC20. If the Aston Martin Valhalla would be our current wife, then this Maserati MC20 would be our latest mistress.

Money can buy hapiness. And you can’t have a mistress without overwhelming her with gifts that cost more than your monthly paycheck. So that’s why we’re taking her on a trip to one of our favourite tuning companies. Novitec offers exclusive options for the new MC20 mid-engined sports car. The company’s product range for the twin-turbo V6 includes engine tuning to 523 kW / 711 hp and 818 Nm peak torque, and high-performance exhaust systems that culminate in a superlight Inconel variant with 999 fine gold plating.

Cash only. The Novitec designers employ naked-carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, hi-tech forged wheels with diameters up to 21 inches and sport springs to make the thrilling appearance of the two-seater even more spectacular. Novitec also tailors every detail in the cockpit to the personal wishes of the customer by request. All we have to do now is make sure we pay cash, so the wife at home doesn’t get suspicions…