_Why coilovers outperform dinosaurs.

New car sales are in turbulent waters due to the current crisis, and the corona era hasn’t done the sector any favours either. However, there are many other factors that play a role in why car sales are slacking. 

No CNN. Let’s start with every petrolhead’s favourite topic, the green guys. Just recently, some green rascals glued themselves to a bunch of Ferraris at the Paris Motor Show, and no doubt we all remember the deflating of SUVs and 4×4 cars carried out by guys and girls who care about our planet. You can compare the impact this kind of action has with threatening Vladimir that CNN will no longer be included in his TV subscription. 

Next century. Second point we want to make is the rollout of charging stations for electric cars or hydrogen refuelling stations. The speed at which governments tackle this is directly linked to the investment and bribes they receive from the petroleum sector. At least that is what you would guess, because at the current rate we are more likely to be able to grow potatoes on mars than we are to be able to charge all our electric cars. And we are talking about the day when we will all be on the road without fuel. Something that seems achievable to us by the 30th century….

Forbidden meat. And then there is the supply of resources that can continue to ensure our mobility. We all know that oil has an expiration date, because there were simply not enough dinosaurs to keep refuelling indefinitely. So the switch to electricity and hydrogen is coming, but that’s where the snag lies. Because generating energy for everyone in the world is apparently as challenging as serving Indian cow on the barbecue. Gas, nuclear power, coal, wood pallets, solar power, wind power, hydropower, biomass, there are plenty of options, but our elected politicians just don’t manage to act decisively.

Staying rich. And the consequences are for all of us, because all these uncertainties mean that you and I no longer know which car to buy. New cars have also become extra expensive because of the many regulations imposed on car manufacturers, among other things. And while some countries may wave with subsidies for electric cars, they remain relatively more expensive than fuel cars. And don’t be fooled, this has little to do with the production of an electric car, but a lot to do with the fact that the manufacturer loses a lot of income in the long run because the income from maintenance diminishes drastically. So those profits must be recovered when selling electric cars.

You’re covered. So many uncertainties for the car driver, but fortunately there are also certainties for all car drivers, whether they are going to fill up with diluted oil or add AC to their car. And that certainty is that you will always be able to enjoy optimal comfort, driving pleasure and, of course, sportiness with a little help from KW automotive. Because for the KW automotive Group, no matter what form of automobility you are travelling with, the chances of them not having a suspension for it are slim. And the range of suspensions at KW automotive has only increased in recent years due to the acquisition of Reiger suspension and ALKO. 

Family affair. But suppose you have a large family or you are a small self-employed person, then a van might be a good option. Volkswagen recently introduced their T7, successor to the T6. The former T6 will apparently remain in production for a while. And KW automotive now has solutions for both in its range, but today the focus is on the latest addition, the T7. The KW V3 coilover suspension kit is now available for the upcoming VW T7 with front-wheel drive. It gives the new T7 VW platform chassis a sporty and harmonic road behavior. Built with compression and rebound adjustable KW multivalve shocks, the KW V3 coilover suspension kit unites increased driving dynamics and ride comfort. Handcrafted in Germany from stainless steel, the KW suspension offers stepless lowering up to 55 millimeters.

Old chap. But suppose you are either of slightly more mature age or you are a real car fanatic, then you might well have a classic in the garage. And even then you’ve come to the right place at KW automotive, because their range of classic cars is constantly being expanded. Today we present an absolute beauty which captured the imagination a few decades ago, partly because of its stylish design, but unfortunately also because of its reasonably high price tag at the time. For this, we already have to go back to 1981, when Mercedes launched the SEC coupé (C 126). It was a luxury sedan that was way ahead of its time. Even motorsport personalities such as Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, and Keke Rosberg fell for the S-Class fuel-injected-engine coupé. KW automotive coilover kits are now available for all Mercedes-Benz C126 models. The dampers are adjustable in compression and rebound and can lower your car to a certain height. For Mercedes enthusiasts we can give the all-clear: It is not necessary to retrofit on MacPherson struts when installing KW V3 coilovers in the SEC. As with KW’s coilovers and their height-adjustable springs, lowering is set via the coil spring plates. As part of the parts certificate, continuous lowering of 25 to 45 millimetres is possible on both front and rear axles.