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Whoever said great wall, will immediately think of that old-timer with his orange hair who believes that many of his countrymen can’t count. However, he has his own internal staff to do his counting and given his widely spread empire, they haven’t miscalculated too often. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint our Republican reading public, as our praise of Trump stops here, since our subject is another Great Wall. To be more precise, a great wall with a hyphen, aka Great-Wall.

The staff party. Great-Wall is the company behind the WEY car brand. And although the brand has quite a few thirteen-in-a-dozen models in its range, it has apparently decided to go crazy. You know how it goes, a staff party, some booze, a Herbie film on the big screen, and Wang Ly Zang’s PT Cruiser acting as an Uber to bring in more booze. 

Blood on the back seat. The next day, the hangover is in full force. And so the emails are only read with half an eye open, so that one email slips through the cracks of the Chinese net: the Yuanmeng PHEV may be developed. And the result is something that will give any Chinese Don Corleone goosebumps. A retro model that hints at the 1950s and makes you dream of bullet holes and bloodied back seats. 

Fish and greens. We can instantly make the honourable gentlemen of the mafia happy, because although this Yuanmeng was already unveiled in August 2021, only recently we received the first production specifications. And the most remarkable thing is that this over-the-top retro will be partly electric. On board, there is a 1.5 4-cylinder turbo combined with an electric motor that promises 238 hp and 520 Nm. A 9-speed transmission should lead the driver and his entourage smoothly to higher speeds. On a full battery, this Yuanmeng PHEV is said to travel no less than 195 km. In China, that might just be enough to drive from the fish market to the greens market.

Little Italy. It is almost certain that this design will not be launched on the other side of the Great Wall of China. And we are still in doubt as to whether we actually would mind. Because secretly, we can already see four sharp dressed man in a black Yuanmeng PHEV with tinted windows, KW suspension and a set of beautiful BBS wheels parked in front of an Italian pizza place…