_A70 Supra from the virtual world.

Until recently, only the oldies were nostalgic. Today, computer nerds are the new nostalgia seekers. They crawl behind their screens and plunge into cars from bygone eras to make us normal people feel bad. 

Ugly. Their renderings are often a utopia of what could be, are a direct assault on our conventional thinking and often exceed our own imagination. And if those guys were married to a woman as ugly as ours, only then would they know how far our imagination reaches! One of the most recent render designs to drop into our mailbox is that of a certain Spanish lad who goes by the Japanese name of Hakosan Designs. It could just as easily have been a Swedish kid with a French pseudonym, but that’s not the case.

Ignore it. The renders in the gallery below are those of a Toyota Supra A70 restomod. According to Hakosan Design the world has only eye for the A80-generation of the Supra, and therefore he decided to entertain us with this exercise of a A70 Supra in a more modern look. And we have to say, the guy nailed it. This things looks stunning and if you happen to own an A70 generation Supra, you should definitely ignore this and keep it stock. Everybody else who doesn’t own one, find one and built this damn restomod already…

Boxer shorts. If by now you lost us, we can’t blame you, it happens to use all the time. Recently, we were spotted at the bakery when we went shopping for new underwear… Let’s take a look at what exactly we have here. The most noticeable change up front is undoubtedly the LED headlights and indicators where once pop-up headlights sat. In addition, the original fog lights were replaced with red LEDs. The front end also gets a clean look thanks to the modest air intakes above the lights.

Bye bye reputation. Of course, in these times you mustn’t forget to add wide wheel arches in your design, otherwise you will lose face and your reputation as a render artist will immediately be ruined. At the back, it all seems a bit more American muscle car with a fairly massive rear bumper. We can barely see the rear diffuser and the tiny exhaust, and without our glasses on, we would certainly have missed them. Luckily the Spanish render artist saved the rear with a huge LED taillight and illuminated Supra logo.