_Baggsy’s newest is Rated R.

One of the first things you learn at school is numbers. And without numbers, human life would simply be impossible. And there are a few good reasons for that, though we lost count how many exactly. See, that’s how important numbers are. And oh boy do we have a number for you here! A thousand to be more precise. In the mathematical world also known and accepted in the shape of numbers 1 followed by three zero’s.

Spoiler alert. And that’s how you give readers perspective. The thing is, we received this press release from ST suspensions, and already in the title they mentioned all you need to know. A dead giveaway that Steve Biagioni’s newest drift machine will bring 1000 hp to the plate. Hello, spoiler alert! Since the cat is now out the bag, let’s see what we are dealing with. So looks like Steve, aka Baggsy, has parked his 1200 hp Nissan GT-R and is now settling with a 200 hp less powerful pick-up. 

Irritating Greta and friends. In our world that picture would look completely different. One moment you are driving with a Golf R producing +300 hp, and the next day you are crawling over the streets in your 100 hp Golf. Though a better comparison would be the budget of a family. If you have 300 euro’s to spend for an entire week versus 100 euro’s, that would make a huge difference. But if you have 1200 euro’s to spend, and suddenly you fall back at a 1000 euro, you still have plenty of budget left to fill your belly. So at the end, we think that Baggsy’s new ride will have plenty enough power left to irritate those environmental friendly enthusiasts.

We love our job. No really! Time for some facts. Politicians are deeply committed to our well-being. Madonna is a virgin. It’s okay to be gay in Iran. Invisible artwork needs yearly restoration. I am the Cookie Monster! … Oh you said facts, thought you meant fiction. So facts it is. It would be easier for us if you would send us your email address, and we could send you the press release. That way we could binge-watch some more series on Netflix instead of growing back pain on our cheap office chair. But since that could have a negative impact on our employment, we are prepared to suffer a bit longer, and keep writing…

The neighbours wife. So the press release states that Baggsy is building a 1000 hp Nissan Navara R Drift car pick-up since he has nothing better to do during lock-down. I don’t know what you guys are doing in lock-down, though I think maybe adding a new layer of paint on the walls, cleaning up the garden or spending that one minute longer on sexual intercourse with the neighbours wife. You know, the normal stuff. But not mister Biagioni. He has to stand on top of the food chain and build himself a brand new toy. So far we think we did a pretty good job in hiding how jealous we actually are. Especially because our neighbours wife just turned eighty…

Not a diesel it is. At the end of this story, we will hit you with a link to find out more about this ‘Navara R’ project, yet we do want to point out that the original 2.3-liter production diesel engine isn’t responsible for the high amount of horsepower. We wanted to make that clear to avoid an infuriated letter from Greta Thunberg towards Diesel Vin. Another open door to kick in is the fact that Steve is again relying on ST suspensions to show-off the side of the truck in corners and straight lines. 

Just like Manuel, we know nothing! Could this new project mean that Baggsy is returning to Driftenberg? That’s for us to know and you to find out. Just kidding. We can officially declare that we currently don’t know what the future will bring in these crazy times. But we know for a fact that a good script deserves a chance. And with the lock-down we can only hope that some people are writing stuff down just like we do. And no, we are not talking about daily stories in your diary. Once we have that script, a Baggsy smoke signal could be a matter of time. 

For more information: https://mailchi.mp/baggsyboy/nissan-navara-r-pr