_Everybody is nicer to you when you dress in yellow.

Or light grey for color blind people. If you are a real BMW enthusiast, you have figured out already that this isn’t an M2. No sir, it’s something better. It’s a M235i with M4 specs. And since we believe that building momentum is highly overrated, we can tell you that this little fellow brings 430 hp to the plate with 592 Nm of torque. And with that kind of power on board, Vadim is responsible for creating job opportunities for many people who would otherwise have to rely on our social structure.

Creating jobs. And in the first place we think about our highly regarded law enforcers. Because they don’t have an easy job, hiding in the bushes with their speed camera, having to deal with closing hours of the donut store and having to put on the blue lights every time they want to brake the law. It’s like knocking on open doors , but it’s people like Vadim with cars like his that are keeping the job of law enforcement appealing. And then there’s the boys and girls from the mail office. Those people can deliver your speeding tickets on a regular base, and thanks to people like Vadim they have a job and can feed their family. Something to think about when you have a weak moment, trying to obey the traffic laws…

Going to the club. So we told you that this M235i has a 430 hp strong heart on board. You see, we always tell the truth here, and that’s not always an obvious thing these days. For example, some people claim that looks don’t matter, and that what counts is the inside. That’s nonsense of course. You don’t go out to the club hitting on a girl and saying: “I think I’ve never smelled a better liver in my life.” or “I really love that black color of your lungs.” Vadim also believes in the shallowness of the human kind, and that’s why he dressed his M235i in a widebody outfit from Manhart.

White socks aren’t cool. Manhart makes no secret of the fact that they prefer a KW Clubsport Variant 3 coiler suspension to guarantee good road contact on high speed runs and fast cornering, but Vadim settled for the entry-level Variant 1 from KW. The KW coilover kit Variant 1 inox-line is the ideal entry-level system for customers who want the technically lowest possible suspension setting or for those who want to customize their own. Anything is better than stock. We don’t see you wearing white socks at date night. And if you do, we salute you for having no self-respect at all. 

Will the real black please stand up. Finally, we can’t forget to mention the beautiful looking MX-3 concave wheels from Vossen with floating spokes. And don’t judge these as black wheels, because there’s a bit more going on. The center is matt black, the ring on the outside is gloss black, the inside tunnel also comes in matt black and the Vossen logo is painted in the color of the car. Though the real question here is, did Vadim make the right choice in choosing to upgrade his M235i instead of buying an M2? Well, as a young driver he didn’t had a choice. Taxes and insurance would have cost him an arm and a leg.  And it would be less easy to brake the law with only one arm and one leg…


Suspension tech info: The Variant 1 “inox-line” has a vehicle-specific, fix configured damping setup with a sporty and harmonious adjustment, which allows you to experience an optimal balance of sportiness and everyday practicality. Even with full payload and maximum axle loads, the KW dampers always work with a sporty characteristic in your BMW M235i. As with all KW coilovers, the engineers at KW develop in extensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in their test center on the KW 7-post rig the vehicle-specific KW damper setup estimated by car enthusiasts worldwide. So you will experience your M235i even more directly and dynamically with the KW Variant 1 and biggest benefit, with the lowering your BMW looks stunning!

// KW Variant 1 coilover suspension kit:

  • Entry Level Kit
  • Engineered and developed in Germany
  • stainless steel front axle struts
  • Linear and progressive springs
  • Stepless and approved lowering range (BMW M235i, F22) 10 – 35 mm on front axle and 5 – 35 mm on rear axle

For more information: https://www.kwsuspensions.net/products/coilovers/variant1