Look around you, do you see them? They come in two sizes, large and extra large. In some countries like in the United States, you also have them in size XXL. And they are here to stay, because manufacturers all over the world are still increasing their range. If you are driving a classic car model, it becomes a lot harder to have a clear overview of the traffic ahead when you are surrounded with crossovers and SUV’s. And while the selection of those is increasing, the price is going down because of an oversaturated supply. In the beginning it was about size and loading capacity. Though since people are using their crossover/SUV more and more as a daily driver, comfort, driving pleasure and even performance have become essential. And to add to that increasing demand of sportier crossovers and SUV’s, KW automotive has a wide range of suspensions to enhance the sportiness of your large and extra large, and comes with a commitment of a much nicer looking stance.