_Center stage.

For those who still believe that the 911 happened accidentally when a Volkswagen Beetle crashed into a low bridge, we can now officially confirm that we have absolutely no proof whatsoever that it never happened. The bridge where it all supposedly had happened was torn down for a Hooters establishment. We asked the local mayor for a comment, but he was out for lunch… at Hooters.

Bullying. I always hated it when teachers mispronounced my name. No teacher ever managed to say it correct. The result was an entire class laughing, something that continued on the playground. Porsche called their baby 911 the Boxster, though without the the. So just Boxster. And nobody laughed with that. It just isn’t fair.

Ezerioha engineering. If I only knew ahead of time, I would have changed my name into something cool, like Rambo, Vandamme or Willy Wonka. Bet nobody’s laughing when you have a cool name like that! So in case your are around the age of three, and you are reading this, make a good first impression at school, and give yourself a cool name. And that’s also what Bisimoto Engineering did. They gave their company a cool name, one that would stick, and one that wouldn’t be a tongue-twister. Smart move from Bisi Ezerioha, the owner of Bisimoto.

Graduated. When we visited Bisimoto, we had to shoot a couple of very mad Porsches. What we did at first. Though after that shoot was finished there was some time left to fill our memory card with this little fellow: the Hot Wheels Porsche Boxster with central seat. Now when you think this is something special, we know you went to college and graduated. Because pushing a steering wheel to the center of a cockpit is pure rocket science. Not the kind that Elon tweets about, but it’s getting close.

Trinity. Going against the grain is exactly what Bisimoto’s Bisi Ezerioha lives for. This Hot-Wheels version of the 986 is already the third in a row of converted Porsches to a center-seat model. The process is primarily technical, with safety being the first priority. Removing and strengthening the central “tunnel” and adding a multi-point cage are key elements that make the chassis structurally strong.

Rihanna. We see this project primarily as a global appeal to the much-loved mid-market drivers. Because with a centrally positioned steering wheel in the car, their sense of safety is optimal, and driving on the right or left is totally out of the question now. It also solves the “problem” of driving on the right side in some countries and on the wrong side in others. To avoid reactions, we remain neutral and do not mention that we are primarily targeting countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Barbados (yes you Robyn Rihanna Fenty…), Australia, etc.

Worthless. The power output of this big-bodied toy car stranded just above 500 hp. When you know that the engine is already neatly centered at the factory and that the total weight of this baby Porsche isn’t in obesity ranks either, you’ll know that all your excuses for being late are worthless. We apologize in advance to sensitive readers, but a pit bull shows its balls. And here those balls are two Turbonetics BTX4842X2 turbos that have consumed the rear spoiler.

Sunshine state. Visually, the similarities to a Porsche Boxster ex-factory are unmistakably absent. The heavily Porsche-engineered front end is neatly pushed aside for a meaningful one from Bisimoto’s shelves. In California, the sun shines 30 hours a day so headlights were replaced with carbon fiber covers. We also see the typical and familiar interventions such as a set of side skirts, given the number of wheels a set of 4 fender extensions and all of this leans on a set of 19 inch wheels from Momo. Furthermore, the hardtop and rear wing are also raised from the same black gold that was used for the headlight covers.

Bisimoto is what we call “one of the KW family” when it comes to lowering his builds. The Boxster received a pair of purple-yellow shock absorbers, and as a result the 530 horses are at ease each time they go for a run.

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