_Driftenberg 2019 – Part 1: Dropping the anchor.

They say that the journey is far better than the destination. What a load of crap. The destination is where you want to be, and getting there is usually a genuine pain in the ass.

Waffles or sprouts? And then you get that invitation. A brainstorm session is almost unnecessary, since the invitation came with the message ‘shutting down the city’. A couple of vans and a trailer later, and Baggsy and his team are already on the motorway, heading to the ferry. The ferry takes them to the Belgium, but unfortunately with no time to take a stop for a Belgian waffle or a portion of Brussels sprouts, because they’re heading to Fichtenberg, also known as Suspension Village.

No speed limit. Since Belgium stretches from one side to the other in just three hours, it didn’t take the team very long to hit the German border, where the speed limit gets lifted. And that must be a dream scenario when you own a 1200 horsepower powered Nissan GT-R. Or the ultimate nightmare when that same GT-R is behind your van, in a trailer… 

A first briefing. It was quite the drive for the team, and when they arrived they had no time to loose. Though hitting the loo was a small matter of life and dead. After that short pitstop, it was time to prepare the car for the first shooting day. While Baggsy’s team members took care of the car, he had his first briefing inside the KW automotive office. 

Preparing the car. Outside the guys were preparing the car for the first shooting day. The main focus was equipping the car with the right set of rubber. And they brought plenty of those with them, since they came with the intention to set a few sets on fire. Of course they had already prepared the car back home, and this wasn’t the cars debut. So in general they came very well prepared.