_Driftenberg 2019 – Part 3: The cars.

Before you bake a cake, you’ll need ingredients. Before you can use public transportation, you’ll need a ticket. Well, you should… Otherwise you could end up with having to pay a fine, and at the end it will cost you a lot more than when you had bought a ticket. 

Checklist. Before you can watch TV, you first have to check a few things. Is there something interesting playing? Do you actually own a TV? What we’re trying to say here is: you better check if you have a couple of cars available when you’re planning to film a drift movie.

Fossil Fuel Fever. Luckily this was the case for this production set-up by ST suspensions. And the main star was of course Baggsy’s Nissan GT-R. Though may we suggest that the die-hard JDM boys and girls now go for a walk, go and feed the cat, or just stop reading, because this car no longer possesses the standard BiTurbo V6 engine. We don’t know what happened with the engine. Did it die, or was it sold to someone with a Nissan Leaf, who suddenly changed his mind about fossil fuels? We don’t have a clue.

Twelve hundred ponies. What we do know is that the GT-R received a brand new engine. It was built from the ground up along with fabrication and fine tuning by SB Motorsports. It produces 1200 horsepower and 1627 Nm of torque from its Honeywell Garrett GTX4718R-turbocharged LSX 454ciV8. This drift-spec GT-R also features a new Liberty Walk V1 body kit and Rotiform LHR wheels. Before we continue, can someone please tell or JDM die-hards that they can start reading again?

The Wolf of Wall Street. If you haven’t seen this movie, put it on your priorities list. Since we are going to use this movie to make some parallels, and if you haven’t seen it, it wouldn’t make any sense, would it! So go watch it, we will wait for three hours. Because that’s exactly how long this movie lasts. Good, you’re back. Did you enjoy it? That’s nice, but unfortunately we don’t have time to listen to your review.

Margot ‘don’t click here for howling wolf sound’ Robbie. It’s time to start with our parallels, and when Baggsy’s GT-R is Leonardo DiCaprio, then the mint-green GT-R has to be Margot Robbie. And the Mustang has to be Kyle Chandler, who plays the role of FBI-agent Patrick Denham. In other words, in order to achieve a great movie, you’ll need a couple of co-stars. And in this production those roles are set a side for the Nissan GT-R from Mareike Fox and the Ford Mustang police car.

Crap, rubbish, junk,… What else can we say about Mareike’s GT-R and the Mustang? Well, clearly Mareike has a great looking show car that can pose almost as good as she can, but with less effect on our blood circulation. The Mustang, that’s just a piece of … (who removed this?). So there you go. Now you know which cars participate in ‘Return to Driftenberg’.

This writing was not produced in front of a live audience…