_Driftenberg 2019 – Part 4: Miss Fox.

This article comes with some explicit guiding. For example, it would be wise if you read this article when your spouse or girlfriend isn’t in the neighbourhood. Out of the city would be best, but a few blocks away is also acceptable. 

How do you solve a problem like Maria. No, you aren’t doing anything wrong here. But as you probably know, some partners can get uncomfortable when you look at other woman. And since prevention is better than cure… Though let’s be honest, we are talking about Mareike Fox here, not Fraulein Maria von Trapp. Although both have at least one thing in common, they both have been on holiday to the mountains. 

Back to Fichtenberg. Since this is chapter 4, you should know by now that we talking about the ST suspension driftspecial ‘Return to Driftenberg’. And while Baggsy stole the show with his 1200 horsepower Godzilla, he was in good company of a few other folks. We will cover all participants in another chapter, but we wanted to dedicate this chapter to miss Fox. Why? Well, let’s keep it to the fact that we are strong believers of more woman in the automotive industry…

Not available. Let’s be honest, it’s not a punishment for the eyes to have Mareike Fox in the ‘Return to Driftenberg’ video. And we caught the team filming quite some footage of her. So guess they found her presence enjoyable. Her role in this video was maybe a bit stereotype, but guess you’ll have to blame the scriptwriters for that. And we wish you good luck with that, since they happen to be in Alaska for a five years trip…  

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