_911, I’m your father.

Some hardcore Porsche purists will probably consider this 356 as offensive. Though 90% of those purists most likely just own a Porsche in their die-cast collection. In their otherwise lovely blue eyes this is considered as a Freddy Krueger version of a vintage Porsche, or even a genuine Frankenstein built. And our message to those cry-babies is simple: it’s a shame you mom never wanted to breastfeed you, and we sorry you got fostered on goat milk, but it’s time to move on. 

Our Playboy concept. According to the Mayan calendar, the world was going to vanish in 2012. Guess what, it didn’t happen. No kidding. That same year Rod Emory and Greg Macey dropped some sketches of a Porsche 356 concept on Instagram. A couple days later Momo CEO Henrique Cisnero reached out and asked what it would take to turn the concept into reality. A question we ask ourselves every day, as we turn the pages of our Playboy magazine collection.

Age discrimination. Rod Emory’s family builds custom cars, mostly based on vintage Porsches, and this already for three generations. Emory Motorsport was founded by Rod and his wife back in 1996, and they focus themselves exclusively on personalized 356s. The air-cooled Porsches don’t leave the shop if they’re not perfectly restored. We found that so impressive that we asked if we could drop of our mother-in-law, though unfortunately they don’t restore pre-war entities.

Four years later. Looking back, Rod’s company has built more than 170 Outlaws that got delivered around the globe, and this RSR is without a doubt the Holy Grail. After some brainstorming and a design rendering as a style guide, Rod decided to build the 356 to celebrate one bespoke Momo 5-spoke rim with center-lock hubs, an homage to the iconic Porsche 935 racecars. It took four years build time to make this so-called Emory 356 RSR Outlaw a reality.

Individual sweat. Rod Emory merged a 1960 Porsche 356B Coupé and a Porsche 911 (964) C2 chassis in such a perfect way, that all the details and handiwork on the RSR can be considered as pure art. Unusual for a Porsche 356 silhouette are those cooling ducts and intercooler air inlets as well the single-piece bonnet with its air outlet. Though the real outlaw on this 356 is, to be honest, the engine.

The horse whisperers. Heart of the built is a 2.4 liter Emory/ Rothsports Racing flat-four custom-built motor. The ‘Outlaw-4’ engine design is based on the dry-sump straight-six engines from the early 90’s and with the twin-turbos (two Garrett GT28R) the Outlaw RSR 356 kicks in with around 400 hp. The 17 inch Momo centerlock wheels wear Pirelli P Zero tires to make sure that this RSR can release all 393 horses on the pavement. Though not without bringing in the horse whisperers of KW automotive, who installed an adjustable coilover set to manage all the muscle.


Suspension Tech Info: For the suspension, Emory Motorsports installed a KW Clubsport 2-way Coilover suspension kit (independently adjustable in rebound and compression forces). It’s a special build kit. The damper valves, valves springs, piston rods and springs are all customized for the axle loads of the Emory 356. And in an Porsche 964 the camber isn’t adjustable via the KW Clubsport top mounts. That’s also the fact in the Outlaw RSR 356 because Emory Motorsports is using 964 strut towers and strengthen the chassis.

// KW Clubsport 2-way Coilover suspension kit

  • TVC-A (Twin Valve Compression-Adjustable) and TVR-A (Twin Valve Rebound-Adjustable) Technology
  • Indpendently adjustable damping technology for rebound and compression stage
  • 16 precise clicks available for individual settings in rebound
  • 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression stage valve settings
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Linear springs

For more information: https://www.kwsuspensions.net/products/coilovers/clubsport#clubsport-2way