_I need your clothes, your boots, and your keys.

When Mercedes released the first model of the A-Class… Let’s not go there, and keep that chapter in the past. That gives us some space to take a closer look at the current Swabian baby-Benz…

Hasta la vista driver’s license. AMG A35 4MATIC, you are a real nasty car. You are the Schwarzenegger of hatchbacks and terminate every driving license; cause no one can tame and handle you. You can’t even handle yourself with your front-wheel-drive and that’s the reason the Swabians upgraded you with all-wheel-drive.

Shutting down the V8 power plants. Swabian. Never heard about this combination of vowels and consonants? Swabians are an old German tribe back from the Babaric times and they have something in common with the Scottish Highlanders. They take care of every Penny and that’s maybe the reason Mercedes-Benz is nowadays using 4 cylinder turbo engines and no longer V8 power plants. Things even the Swedish Greta couldn’t achieve. V8 or no V8 isn’t the question here. The 306 hp 4 cylinder turbo AMG isn’t the strongest hatchling from the AMG hatchback army anymore, because out of Affalterbach is already hooning the A 45 4MATIC+ and the A 45 S 4MATIC+. Anyway we don’t take superheroes like Hulk or Thor serious and are more devoted to the former Governator.

RIP Granny. The next edition of the Terminator franchise rebooted the whole movie universe. And even the latest A 35 4MATIC is a kind of reboot in the world of car enthusiasts. Back in the days, the paramount of a hatchback was the VW Golf GTI. Nowadays you can take an A-Class and the crowd will still take you serious. The granny image of the A-Class is long gone.

Hoff the record. Also the German HasselHOFF of tuning aka Sidney HOFFmann has his eye on you. He already bought you a nice set of Schmidt rims, Akrapovic exhaust and upgraded your suspensions for a performance stance.

Taxi driver. But for God’s sake why are you wearing Zebra stripes on your yellow wrap? Or are these stripes the camouflage of a wasp? We aren’t sure. Because for some guys this yellow Baby-Benz is a Taxi! To be honest would you ever ride in an A-Class as a passenger if your right foot could get the power to command a 2.0 liter turbo engine with 306 hp? Never ever! You would want to sit behind the steering wheel and hoon around the country roads, and in the meantime yelling to every speed camera: “I’ll be back“…


Suspension Tech InfoThe KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit will transform the AMG A35 4MATIC to a real performance car with still a lot of ride comfort compared to other aftermarket suspension goodies. The KW Variant 3 is the ideal accessory for performance-oriented drivers who place a high demand on sportiness and ride comfort at their vehicles. The V3 dampers are separately adjustable in rebound (TVR-A Technology) and compression (TVC-A Technology) damping allow an extensive damper setup. So it is easy to directly influence the steering behavior, directional stability, tire grip and handling characteristics for a safe controllability at the limit of driving physics.

// KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit in detail:

  • TVC-A (Twin Valve Compression-Adjustable) and TVR-A (Twin Valve Rebound-Adjustable) Technology
  • Indpendently adjustable damping technology for rebound and compression stage
  • 16 precise clicks available for individual settings in rebound
  • 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression stage valve settings
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Linear and progressive springs
  • Stepless and approved lowering range (Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC ) 10 – 30 mm front axle and 5 – 30 mm rear axle

For more information: https://www.kwsuspensions.net/products/coilovers/variant3