_Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Finding locations is always a challenge. Like finding a spot to dump a body. Last time we had to drive for miles before we could dump the body of that rabbit. Well, at least the leftovers, since we  had already eaten most of it along the way. But we must be honest, and confess that we didn’t try very hard to avoid hitting the rabbit. But guess that’s the point of going hunting...

Location, location, location. Anyway, locations. In most cases we spend a lot of time to find them. Sometimes it takes longer to find the location then it does shooting the car. And for some reason it’s always harder to find good locations for great looking cars. And when you do find a great location, you have a less fabulous car to shoot. 

No milk for us. Recently we got the opportunity to buy a bottle of milk and get the second one for half the price. We did hesitate for a while, but at the end we went for the better offer: shooting a car in Nelson Ghost Town. Shoot went great, and somewhere in the near future we will bring that feature on our blog. But for now, we just want to take you along for a small perspective of this amazing location.

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