_Time for a break.

Warning: This article could hurt the feelings of SUV and crossover owners. 

It was a sunny day. Two business owners decided to have lunch together. One was a car dealer, the other was active in the metal industry. On their way to the restaurant they ran into another old friend, a local politician. So in conclusion, all three of them went for lunch. It didn’t took long before they started talking about cars. Carbabes to be more precise…

The three stooges. In case you want to go straight to the car info, we suggest you skip a few parts. Because as usual we are taking an attempt to write an intro that eventually will lead us to the car. Although since we mentioned carbabes, we have a feeling you’ll keep reading. So let’s go back to our three stooges. After the inevitable thirty minutes of gossiping about woman, the food arrived. Everybody ordered hamburgers with tomatoes, lettuce, grilled peppers, caramelised onions, bacon, avocado, grilled corn, Swiss cheese, mozzarella, olives and hot sauce, but let’s not go in detail here.

Waisting your time. After lunch they also wanted to have a coffee, but had trouble decide which one. Should they go for black coffee, coffee with sugar and cream, French press coffee, Turkish coffee, Iced coffee, Espresso, Caffe Americano, Ristretto, Cappuncino, Latte, Flat White, Caffe Macchiato, … The list was long, and again, we do not want to go in detail here and waist to much of your time summing up all the coffees on the menu. At the end of the day, this is still a weblog that features cars, and not food. That being said, we will be right back, we got a little bit hungry from writing about foo… cars.

Out for lunch. Will be back soon. —

Confidential. We’re back, but our three friends are still at the table. Finally they are talking about cars and how these could lead them to the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest people. To make a long story short (yes we have the power to do that), the three friends left the restaurant with a big smile on their face. Why you ask? Well, sorry, but that’s confidential. Just kidding…

Bra cup sizes. You need to know, this meeting took place long before the existence of SUV’s and crossovers. The car dealer wanted to sell more cars, the owner of the metal factory wanted to sell more metal and the politician, well he just wanted to be reelected. And keep spicing up his bank account. And that is probably the moment where the idea of the SUV is originated. And obviously it was/is good business for the car dealer. Because like many other brands, his brand has more SUV’s and crossovers in a range than you have bra cup sizes. And the owner of the metal industry? Well that is actually a sad story. Because he owned a steel factory, and his biggest clients all went for aluminum instead…

Whiskey. Though what about the politician? Why did he have a smile on his face? Well, it was a different kind of smile. In fact, he was laughing with the other two. Because he would never wanted to be seen dead or alive in an SUV of crossover. He was an estate man. The ultimate family car will always be an estate for him, also known as a station wagon or break. And no, his history as a moonshiner had nothing to do with that. 

Don’t blame us! Guess it is time to make a link with the press release we received from KW automotive about the current BMW 3-Series (G21) Wagon with xDrive. And since we work together with the writer of that press release, we really don’t have a choice then to show some appreciation for his writing. So if the next part is a bit more to the point, blame him!

On the menu: Since the market launch of the BMW E30 Touring in the eighties, the sporty estate (wagon) models based on the BMW 3-series have been extremely popular. KW automotive, the German suspension manufacturer, already offers various coilover suspension kits for the current generation of the BMW 3-series station wagon (G21) with xDrive. In addition to the KW Coilover suspension kit Variant 1 with nonadjustable, factory-set, pre-configured damping setup, the KW Coilover suspension kit Variant 2 and Variant 3 are available with adjustable damping forces. In just a few steps the rebound stage damping can be adjusted with 16 clicks on the KW Variant 2. The Variant 3 features separately adjustable compression (twelve clicks) and rebound (16 clicks) stage damping. All three KW Coilover suspension kits have stainless-steel struts and allow maximum lowering of up to 60 millimeters on the BMW 3-series Touring (G21). The adaptive KW DDC plug&play Coilover is already in development for the BMW 3-series sedan (G20) and the BMW 3-series estate (G21). How much more to the point do you want to go? You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

For more information: http://blog-int.kwautomotive.net/now-available-for-new-bmw-3-series-g21-wagon-with-xdrive-kw-variant-1-variant-2-and-variant-3-coilover-suspension-kits/