_Fact: A Tesla obligates silent farts.

Akio Toyoda. Makoto Uchida. Oliver Zipse. Ola Källenius. Abraham Schot. Just a handful of humans know who these people are. And no, these people aren’t members of a boy band, but presidents and ceo’s of big car brands like Toyota, Mercedes and BMW.

All by himself. If there’s one automotive figure that doesn’t need any introduction, it must be Musk Elon. You see, even when we put his last name first, you still know who he is. And while Elon is everywhere, he’s probably a very lonely person. Because we don’t think he gets invited to after parties organized by car manufacturers. It’s kindergarten all over again. No friends to play with.

Well played. However, the media are without a doubt Elon’s best friends. Does he get his comfort from all the attention he gets in the press? Probably not, because he doesn’t always think twice before he makes an announcement. In fact, we have are serious doubt if he even thinks at all before he makes another dubious statement. Or is the man, and his marketing team, so resourceful that their communication is intentionally provocative?  

It’s a game changer. That’s the least you can say from Tesla. They are without a doubt the pioneers of the electrification process of the automobile. No, they didn’t invent the electric car. What Elon and his buddies did was make it accessible for you and me. And while a Tesla probably wasn’t for everybody’s pocket in the beginning, it now becomes affordable for a lot more people with the launch of the Model 3.

Some will be left behind. And while electric cars are stealing water and bread from after market companies that for example  specialize in exhausts and air filters, they won’t effect companies like KW automotive that focuses on suspension. Because even when cars will be able to fly, they still will need suspension. But although a Tesla is pretty fast, it still can’t fly. Of course all that performance requires a better grip, better handling and if possible some extra ride comfort. And that’s exactly what the KW Variant 3 coiler suspension has in mind for the Tesla Model 3, and this for both AWD and RWD driven.

The obvious. Oh, and did we already mention that the Variant 3 improves the stance of the Tesla? That the pope is catholic? That rain is wet? …


Suspension Tech Info: Modern battery electric cars with very high axle loads benefit from shocks like the KW coilover suspension kit Variant 3. The Model 3 gets a better ride comfort and even reacts more direct to load changes through quick cornering and fast driving. And as everybody knows as long the battery is full of energy a Tesla is a supercar killer and with an KW V3 the Model 3 acts like well-balanced and a decent engineered sports car – for some time. Some German dudes tested by the way a RWD Model 3 with the KW V3 and the shocks increased even the range …

// KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit in detail:

  • TVC-A (Twin Valve Compression-Adjustable) and TVR-A (Twin Valve Rebound-Adjustable) Technology
  • Indpendently adjustable damping technology for rebound and compression stage
  • 16 precise clicks available for individual settings in rebound
  • 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression stage valve settings
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Linear and progressive springs
  • Stepless and approved lowering range (Tesla Model 3 AWD) 25 – 50 millimeters on both axles

For more information: http://blog-int.kwautomotive.net/kw-develops-coilovers-for-all-tesla-model-3-for-models-with-awd-the-kw-variant-3-will-be-released-shortly/