_The illusion of a lowered car.

Widebody kits are like immigrants, they just want to be accepted and treated with respect. Discrimination between standard cars and wide body cars should be considered as political incorrect, and severe penalties or even sentence to jail should be applies for all those who keep discriminating wide body cars. It took a lot of negotiation, though we managed in getting a wide body project in front of our camera to tell it’s story. And after some persuasion we came to an agreement that we did not have to to blur the images or make the car unrecognizable… 

200 years of history. Back in the year 1830, there was the founding of a little country that we all know as Belgium. At that time, nobody knew that almost 200 years later, a company called JEM Design would shake things up a bit by introducing a widebody project for the legendary Volkswagen Corrado.

Damaged body parts. It’s pretty clear that a big part of the current generation doesn’t know the Corrado model. It was never a huge success for Volkswagen because they placed it too expensive in the market. So when Jonas (the owner) told people he had bought a Corrado, eyebrows went up in flames and chins fell on the floor. 

Taxes on underwear. We always have been interested where Eric of JEM Design gets his inspiration from, though asking him would be the same as asking Donald Trump to publish his tax returns. So we probably would never get a clear answer. At JEM everything is custom made, quality is eminent and fitting is tighter than Bridget Jones underwear.

Built to drive. All of JEM’s widebody kits are an optical illusion because you have the feeling that the car sits pretty low, while it was hardly lowered in the first place. The amount of space between the base of the Corrado’s tires and the underside of the chassis has almost stayed intact, what means that ride height is almost the same as the stock Corrado. 

When the price is right. Nonetheless JEM installed a complete ap Sportfahrwerke kit under the Corrado for the simple reason that he believes that you just can’t find a better price/quality product for your money than ap. As a matter of fact, most of the project cars that leave the JEM headquarters are being equipped with an ap Sportfahrwerke suspension. 

Your budget isn’t tight. How to properly stance a car is one of the biggest questions in the universe of showcars. But Jonas wanted to drive his mighty Corrado and like we already mentioned he therefore uses a classic suspension upgrade: an ap Sportfahrwerke coilover kit to adjust only the ride height. This kit makes the super wide Volkswagen easy to handle and drive, even at joyrides at the famous German Autobahn.


Suspension Tech Info: The ap coilover suspension kit is one of the best investments for every car. ap coilovers are already available for more than 400 vehicle applications and since the takeover of the ap sports suspension brand by KW automotive, the product range has been continuously expanded. ap Coilover Suspension kits allows a comparatively good driving comfort in their price range due to the suspension design with sporty-dynamic spring rates and sporty-harmonic damper setup at a maximum lowering.

// ap Sportfahrwerke coilover suspension kit in detail:

  • Entry Level Kit
  • Engineered and developed in Germany
  • Galvanized strut housings
  • Linear and progressive springs
  • Stepless and approved lowering range (VW Corrado Typ 53i) 40 – 70 mm on both axles

For more informationhttps://www.ap-sportsuspensions.com/product_info/coilovers