_We’re back

Just when you thought, good riddance… Just when you thought, not them again… Just when you thought, finally no more junk on my screen… Who are we kidding, we all know that thinking isn’t your strong suit.

We’re back for a few reasons. We need the money, we have too much time on our hands and frankly nothing better to do. And we also like anything that has four wheels and is worth talking about at the bar before we get wasted. Though most important, we believe with confidence that we can also save your relationship. But therefore, you must correctly implement the following instructions: always have a second window with our website open when you are watching porn!

Enough with the courtesy and politeness, we have to start writing, and you probably want to go back to that other window. But do yourself a favor, and place our blog in your favorites. Because paying alimony… is a bitch!

Written by someone who isn’t sure he or she will still be employed tomorrow…